Greek New Testament

translated by Shane

Why do I translate?

You may be wondering, "Considering how many other Bible translations there are, why would you translate the Greek New Testament?"

I'm glad you asked. During my undergraduate days at Mars Hill College, I heard many debates and arguments about various topics.  One such argument was over which was the best translation.  Most said King James, some said NIV! Others filibustered for other translations, such as the NRSV. Annoyed with the debates, something spoke up from deep inside me and said I would learn the original languages and translate it myself...  Then, I wondered, "What did I just volunteer for?"

Even so, that's what I've been doing... and it has deepened my understanding of scripture more than I have time to tell you! It is my most sincere hope (and a very diligent effort) to make this the most accurate possible translation... so that whomever might read this will come to a deeper understanding of what we believe! I love you (with ἀγάπη) May God richly bless you! May you bless Him and be a blessing to others!